The Science Of Humour

Did you know that children laugh on average 300 times a day and adults only laugh 17 times a day?! Everybody has a new job, start laughing more.

Many researchers have been unsuccessful in defining the word “humour”, that is because it’s a multi- dimensional concept. Humour tickles our cognitive, emotional, physiological and social aspects of life. Humour is broken down into three ways. Humour can be be something that is SEEN as humorous but results in no laughter. People laugh at things that AREN’T actually humorous and we laugh in response to FEAR and EMBARRASSMENT. Do you actually need to laugh to find it funny? NO, you can grin, smile or internally shake and still find it funny. So when someone doesn’t physically laugh at your jokes, don’t be so hard on them because they might find it funny and not laugh. We connect laughter and humour together because LAUGHTER is the physical response associated with HUMOUR.

Let’s test out our humour with a few jokes:

Today while I was at the bank, an older lady asked me to help her check her balance so I PUSHED her over.

Q:Why did the lifeguard kick the elephants out of the pool?

A:They kept dropping their trunks.

I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised.

On the next blog about humour, we will talk about why we actually laugh and the science behind a JOKE! How to tell the best joke and the jokes to avoid without getting an awkward silence!

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M-I-C-E-L-A-N-E-O-U-S Michelle


Introducing You To My Wife

I assume you clicked on this blog because of the title or maybe you did it accidentally.

I have had a wife for 5 years. We started our “wive-hood” in college, that’s where we met. She lives 188km away. One expensive bridge (get it together PEI, cut the price in half) sets up apart but that doesn’t affect our relationship. We see each other when we can. We text EVERYDAY. We call each other at least once a week. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Feeling like something isn’t right? Maybe you are feeling left out about this information? My “wife” is my bestie Margaret, we aren’t actually married (although people have thought we were). We are just REALLY REALLY good friends. We got the names “wives” in college. We have the best friendship anybody would dream of. We can talk about anything and everything and the conversation never gets dull. We have seen each other at our happiest time, stressed times, worst times and many times in between. We can sit in the same room and have complete silence and it’s okay. We can chat our mouths off until one of us falls asleep (it’s usually me that goes first). Anytime spent together is filled with laughter and happiness. I could write forever about my wife.

We got to see each other today and spent the day together. She brought over my birthday present. She picked a good one, lots of relaxation bubble fizz’s and wax melts. Apparently I stink haha! We ran errands, drink Starbucks and chatted. It was a great day, not because of the present because we had real quality time together. I wish everyone had a “Margaret” in their life.

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M-I-S-C-E-L-L-A-N-E-O-U-S Michelle

Moncton Life, Storytime

A Visit From The Fire Department

Funny/embarrassing story time!

Let’s go back in time to September 2013. I just recently moved to the “big city”. I was living with a roommate at the time. We lived right downtown. It had been maybe 2 weeks since we had moved in.

It’s supper time, I am cooking honey garlic sausages and tater tots cooked on a waffle iron. I found the idea to cook them in a waffle iron on Pinterest, I thought it was a great idea. Just place the tater tots in the waffle iron and press down. So I’m grilling up my sausages and just pressed down on the waffle iron. Supper is smelling good. There is some steam going from the waffle iron, but nothing major. I turn the overhead stove fan on to clear any smoke from the sausages frying. The fire alarm goes off, so I grab a dish towel and start fanning near the fire alarm. I looked like one of those car dealership blow up stick people. I don’t exactly remember how long it was going off for BUT the next thing we hear is the building fire alarm going. So other tenants are leaving the building. Meanwhile back in our apartment, we stay put because we know it’s caused by the fire alarm going off in our apartment. It’s been a few minutes, we look outside and tenants are standing around the parking lot outside. It sounds like sirens are coming closer to the apartment. I turn off the sausages and waffle iron. Now the sirens are right outside. We look out the window and see 2 Moncton fire department trucks pull into the parking lot. At this point, I was embarrassed. Just a little bit of steam from supper has caused firefighters to come to the apartment. They come inside the building and look through each floor. We hear a knock at the door, it’s the firefighters. I explain to them that there is NO fire and it’s just a sensitive fire alarm. They clear the building as safe and shut the blaring fire alarm off. I eat my cooked supper and think to myself NEVER again will I cook tater tots in the waffle maker unless I want fire fighters to arrive in my apartment.

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M-I-C-E-L-L-A-N-E-O-U-S Michelle

Daily Life, Moncton Life

I Got Called A Bitch Today

Happy Friday all you wonderful people out there reading this. Does anybody else struggle with sleeping in on the weekends? I can’t sleep in past 6am on the weekends!

This evening I went downtown to eat supper with a friend. Supper was done and I was walking back to my car. I was parked at the parking garage a few blocks away. So I quickly walk that way, it’s dark and I don’t like walking by myself downtown. I’m scrolling through emails and walking (fun fact: I can walk and look at my phone and keep a good speed). Traffic is steady. As I’m reaching the corner to turn, I hear a mans voice scream “what’s up bitch?”. I don’t look up, I keep walking. I can tell it’s from a person driving down the road. His voice is loud, I can tell he is facing this way by the way it echoes on the brick building.

I don’t acknowledge to him that I heard him. I stay looking at my phone. I don’t interact with him in a negative way because that’s attention, it’s what he wants. I simply keep walking. As I am walking, I’m thinking about that comment. Heck, I’m still thinking about it and it’s 3 hours later. I don’t know why he thought it was necessary to say that? Did a friend dare him? He clearly wanted some form of attention. I wonder how many times he had done that? I don’t recognize the voice, therefore I don’t know him but maybe he knows me? Does he just target woman? Why did he pick me? I chuckled to myself thinking about that comment, like I haven’t been called that in a LONG time. It’s definitely not what you want to hear. I hope the person who said that, deals with what’s going on to cause them to say vulgar comments to people.

Ladies, gentlemen and whoever else, keep walking when someone tries to get you to stop. Yes, it’s wrong that is happens. People should be able to walk freely and don’t have to worry about someone calling them out. Don’t give them the finger or engage, simply walk. Let them sit in silence. They will stop when no one engages, maybe not today but some day. Keep on, keeping on folks.

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M-I-S-C-E-L-L-A-N-E-O-U-S Michelle

Life Advice

Seeing Through The Problem

Another blog in the “glasses” series. This is PART 2. Go check out my first blog called “Eye See The Problem With Glasses”.

Adding to the list of things I have realized since wearing glasses full-time:

  • Contacts: not the ones in your phone, the ones on your eyes. I was so grossed out at the idea of contacts UNTIL I joined a basketball league and realized the thought of my glasses getting smacked off my face is NOT what I want. I was grossed out at the thought of sticking my fingers in my eye socket and sticking plastic on my eyeball. I got over the grossed out part quickly. I found it easy to put contacts in and out. When you wearing glasses 99% of the time and wear contacts 1%, you get used to pushing your glasses up your nose. Well, when I wear contacts I still have the feeling to push my glasses up and WAIT I’m wearing contacts. At this point I will graciously scratch my nose or make it less obvious that I just thought I had glasses on! EMBARRASSING! I have also showered with my contacts numerous times, washing my hair and then having a panic moment when my contacts are still in. Hot water and contacts DON’T go well. It results in my peeling them off my eyes.
  • Lying down with glasses: sometimes while watching TV, I will want to lay down. HA you want to lay down WITH glasses, good one! As soon as your head hits the cushion/pillow, glasses are moved on your face. Your glasses will either go too far up your face, rub against your ears or slide off to the side of your face. You think to yourself, I’ll just take them off and BOOM you can’t see the TV because it’s blurry. You will end up sitting up and resuming watching TV in ease.
  • Movie theatres: Your favourite movie JUST got released. There is one problem, it’s in 3D. If you are like myself, I cannot afford prescription 3D glasses, you will grab your glasses and head to a seat. It’s movie time, open up your glasses and SLIDE them over your regular glasses. Most of the time tour 3D glasses will NOT fit with your full time glasses. You also feel heavier in the face because you are wearing TWO glasses. Does that make you 6 years or 18 eyes (6×3=18)? Needles to say it can be very annoying to watch movies in 3D!
  • There is some more issues with glasses! Share them with your glasses friends!
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  • M-I-S-C-E-L-L-A-E-O-U-S Michelle
  • School System

    Failed By Education

    Disclaimer: this is my opinion and I am not pointing fingers at anyone specific.

    Let’s talk about the education system. What the majority of us go through for 13 years, or sometimes longer. We all have our happy and not so happy stories about going through the school system.

    I’m new to the education system, I work as an educational assistant. In the short time of working in the school system I have noticed some flaws that need fixed NOW. The staff that keep the schools going are great. Bravo to you. I’m going to talking about the lack of adaptations and updating on the actual education system.

    I am placed in a grade 4 class. I have been there since the first of school year. It’s a busy grade. The first few days of working there you start to point out the “problematic” students, there is a good chance you are going to assigned to them. These are the students who blurt out in class, disturb the class, struggle with concentration, get bullied, start arguments, talk back. They get negative consequences more then they get positive consequences. They visit the principal so much they know what each other is eating for lunch the next day. These students that use negative behaviours are labeled as annoying, brats, spoiled and “need the belt”. They can definitely cause you to be frustrated BUT what’s even more frustrating to them is that the school system is failing them. They are bored. They “hate” school because it doesn’t interest them. Everyone is told to do the same as everyone else, like robots BUT think outside the box. They are told to be responsible BUT never get the opportunity to do so. They get pushed through year after year because they want to “get rid of them”. As the saying goes, out of sight out of mind. These are PEOPLE who will go into the world one day. We need to help them. It’s going to be hard to figure out exactly what works for them. We need to figure out why are disrupting the class? Why are they in grade 4 and struggle with spelling little words, like sky? I’m not asking that we “go easy” on these students, I’m asking that the school system change to meet the needs of TODAY’S students. There is not enough people in the schools to help everyone. School staff are stretched paper thin. School in 2018 is NOT the same as 20 or 40 years ago. We need to stop saying “they need the belt”, “they have no respect” or “they will have to learn the hard way”. Students learn differently now, they NEED engagement all the time. Make it memorable and a teaching moment. Set boundaries but also allow personal growth. Students learn best with hands on, real life experiences. Sitting in a desk day after day will not accomplish anything. Every student in that class will not learn the same way, nor should they be forced to learn one way. I don’t know all the answers on how to fix this issue but I know we can do better.

    Today at work, a student in the class starting disrupting the class. After asking him to stop and listen to the teacher, he did not. We went out in the hall, asked him what’s going on in class. Why he is struggling to focus. He said “I am bored in class, I know what they are talking about”. I suggested that I making up a math question sheet for him to do when he feels bored. He agreed. Once he retuned to class, he sat down and got to work answering these math questions. The rest of the class went smooth, no blurting out, making silly noises or arguing with classmates. That is what he needed to be challenged and it worked.

    I really, really enjoy my job. I want to help students. I want to watch them succeed. I want to work together to make the right changes for students.

    See you on the next page,

    M-I-S-C-E-L-L-A-N-E-O-U-S Michelle